IAS Blog Discontinued

October 18, 2010

I’ve decided to take down all of the blog posts for Interactive Advertising Systems INC at this time. I will leave the memorial to Gary on there as long as I have the blog though.

If you nee more information (347)TAXI-ADS still rings through to the former CEO Marc Roth.


A Loss to us all…

January 22, 2010

I just received word that an original IT System investor and a friend of mine for the past 23 years has passed away.

Gary Millington will be remembered forever and missed greatly.

My fondest memory of Gary is being a teenager and watching him after Melissa was born. He set a seed in me about what it could be like for a Daddy to love his little girl.

He was taken from us very early, at least I can say that he enriched my life and the lives of those that I saw around him.